Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sabbath candles

Rules: My niece is doing a bat mitzvah project on lighting candles. She would appreciate your responses to the following questions. Please click the link at the bottom to fill it in for her. You can then post it on your blog, your Facebook, or just leave it on SleeQo.
  • When did you start lighting candles for the Sabbath?

    I think when I was three, I started making the blessing over the candles with my mom.
  • What made you start lighting them?

    my mom told me I could, I guess.
  • Do you light candles every week? If so, what makes you keep lighting them each week?

    Yes. I'm an observant woman, and I've always kept Shabbat, so I've always lit candles, with very few exceptions.
  • Do you have any special traditions related to lighting the candles (e.g., my husband always gets them ready, I cover my hair, etc.)? If so, what?

    I always say a prayer for the wellbeing of my family.
  • How do you feel after you have lit the candles?

    usually I feel very calm after I light candles.
  • Are you the first generation in your family that lights candles for the Sabbath?

    no. my mother lights candles, my father's mother lit candles, and at least one of my mother's grandmothers lit candles for Shabbat.
  • Do you have any memories to share from previous generations?

    not really.
  • Is it important for you that your daughters light candles for the Sabbath?

    yes. very.
  • How meaningful do you feel it is to you to light candles for the Sabbath and why?

    Very meaningful. It seems to fill the house with a special kind of light, and it gives a real distinction between "week" and "Shabbat"
  • Is there anything else you would like to add about lighting candles for the Sabbath?

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