Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ephraim - Cuter than Ever

Rachel Inbar commented on my last post, saying: You could have mentioned the fact that Ephraim takes this all incredibly well and is cuter than ever...

She's right. The kid's a total trooper. He wakes up the morning after surgery in an unknown place and as soon as he sees Mommy, he's all smiles. He's really incredible.


A few weeks ago, Ephraim had a recurrence of the abscess that took us to Hadassah for surgery last year. At first, I thought it was no big deal, but then I wasn't so sure. I ended up taking him to Terem - an urgent care clinic - about an hour and a half before Shabbat. They sent us to the ER. I called my mother and she and I went back to Hadassah (Mt. Scopus) - with Ephraim of course. We arrived at the hospital about one minute before sunset...

Around midnight, they operated on Ephraim. Needless to say, the situation was stressful. Moreover, the surgery was not fully successful. He will need to have more surgery in a few more weeks.

The surgeon wasn't clear about that or what to do in the meantime, which has led to a little more stress along the way. For those keeping score at home, this will be operation number FOUR for Ephraim. He's not yet 1.5.

I was reading an article about delayed gratification. These days, the most I can muster for delaying gratification is not eating the batter before the cake gets into the oven...

It's been a stressful few weeks.