Friday, June 10, 2011

Where I'm At Now

The past few weeks, I've been a little down, and I've been very hungry. I think the two are related... In any case, I've gotten a little off target, and I had two days where I just ate and ate. On one of those two days, I ate so much I felt sick. I thought I was past doing that, so it was really discouraging. 
I also gained back about a kilo, so now I'm only down 7 kilo. That was also disappointing. I've been doing this for so long... 

On the other hand, people say I look better, and my clothes fit much better now. I've even gotten to the point where I can't wear one of my skirts because it's too big for me. I've recently bought two new skirts and they're a much smaller size than I used to buy - like 3 sizes smaller. 

All in all, though, I've lost motivation. I've decided to try Slim-Fast to see if that gets me back on track. It's not easy to get it in Israel, but I ordered two containers from a seller on ebay. (Not everything on ebay is used.) I also ordered some of their snack bars so I'll be able to have something yummy and chocolatey. I hope this will help me. 

I think the main thing here is my motivation, which has dropped. I'm not walking at all, and only doing tai chi once a week. I need to get those numbers up too. 

My friend has basically said that losing weight has to be an obsession, and I think that I'm less obsessed with it now that I have a job which I'm obsessed with... It's hard to make room in my head for everything.

I think I've rambled enough... Shabbat Shalom all