Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Airplane Food Review (TAMAM) Part 2


The chicken was slightly saltier than I like, and I like my chicken barely cooked - this was well done, but not overcooked. The potatoes were great. The vegetables were flavored well, but I didn't like the peppers. Overall 7/10 I'd eat it again, but I wouldn't look forward to it. 


This morning, I tried the Blintzes - One sweet cheese, one apple, in vanilla cream, not overly sweet, but definitely sweet. I thought it was delicious. Kinneret (13) didn't like the apple, and didn't try the cheese, because I was already eating when I discovered that there was a second one, and we're germophobles. 9/10, yummy dessert or breakfast.

Bulgarian Salad

Fresh and good.
There was lettuce (not pictured) and the peppers were ... not yummy (according to me and Kinneret) 
There was no zaatar on the cheese, and the dressing was Thousand Island (good). Kinneret said the cheese was too salty... but um. it's Bulgarian cheese.  Overall, good salad, certainly for the price - I've paid 30 for less impressive salads. The salad is a full meal for someone who isn't a big eater, or would be good with a sandwich for someone who eats the entire universe (like me). 8/10 -would definitely eat again, would absolutely throw out the peppers again.


Meatballs-String Beans- Rice

Fry said the meatballs and rice are good, but found the string beans chewy. (undercooked?) 
He says he'd eat it again, but it's not his favorite. 

I tried it and the meatballs were good, not great, and the string beans were slightly undercooked and oversalted. The rice was fine

7/10 - Satisfying, reasonably tasty. too much salt. 

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Yaron Kaplan said...

גם אני אוהב אוכל מטוסים.
משעשע שזה מה שגרם לך לכתוב פוסט בבלוג!